Novel technologies in diagnostics and treatment of diabetic foot

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in 2nd international congress “Diabetes and surgical infections” with interdisciplinary conference “Novel technologies in diagnostics and treatment of diabetic foot”.


25-27 November 2015


Endocrinology Research Centre , Exhibition building (11, Dmitria Ulianova street, Moscow)


Meeting goals:

  • creation of informational-communicative platform for perspective basic scientific projects discussion and  realization  of multidisciplinary approach in treatment of patients with diabetic foot
  • invasion in clinical routine novel technologies of diagnostics and treatment of surgical infections in diabetic patients


Hot topics:

  1. Modernization and optimization of diabetology in Russian Federation. Improvement of medical care in patients with diabetic foot. Diabetic foot patients registry.
  2. Morfological and immunological features of wound healing in diabetic foot patients

2.1 Molecular and genetic markers of reparation process estimation

2.2 Use of cell technologies and growth factors in diabetic foot treatment

2.3 Personalized approach in choosing of dressing for treatment of chronical wounds of  diabetic patients

2.4 Complex wound treatment: hydrosurgery and negative pressure therapy

  1. Oprimization of therapeutic treatment guidelines for diabetic patients with pyonecrotic lesions

3.1 Features of antihyperglycaemic therapy in patients with pyonecrotic lesions

3.2 Antibacterial therapy in diabetic patients with surgical infection

3.3 Antithrombotic therapy during endovascular interventions  in diabetic patients

  1. Peripheral arteries diseases as manifestation of diabetic macrovascular complications

4.1 Novel diagnostic tools in diagnostics of lower limbs artery lesions in diabetic patients

4.2 Surgical treatment features in patients with critical ischemia of lower limbs

4.3 Aspects of balloon catheters and stents choosing for peripheral arteries treatment

  1. Diabetic neuropathy: novel features of pathogenesis, difficulties in early diagnostics and treatment

5.1 Medical therapy of gastrointestinal form of diabetic autonomic neuropathy

5.2 Urogenital  form of  diabetic autonomic neuropathy. Methods of fertility recovery

  1. Charcot foot: pathogenesis, diagnostics, conservative treatment and surgical correction of diabetic neuroosteoarthropathy. Novel technologies in discharging mode in patients with Charcot osteoarthropathy


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