Matchekhina Lyubov

Russian Young Endocrinologists Society Chair

PhD-student, diabetic nephropathy and haemodyalisis department, Endocrinology Research Centre


+7 (903) 748-85-43


Sechenov 1st Moscow Medical University, medical faculty 2006-2012

Endocrinology Research Centre, residence in endocrinology 2012-2014

Additional information:

Member of European Society of Endocrinology, International Endocrine Society, European Young Endocrine Scientists, Young Active Research in Endocrinology

Personal features: responsibility, patience, sense of purpose, sociability

Interests: neuroendocrinology (hypercortisolism, acromegaly), diabetology (steroid diabetes, secondary hyperglycaemia, biochemistry of incretin system)

Languages: Russian, English, German, French

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