The 4th EYES meeting in Moscow, Russia, 22-24 September 2016

Dear Colleague and Friend!

250 young endocrine scientists from 25 countries gathered together in the Endocrinology Research Center in Moscow for the 4th EYES meeting to listen to 70 exciting young scientists’ who presented their research. It is remarkable that for more than 50% of the participants it was the first EYES meeting in their life, but hopefully not the last!

Thanks to the close collaboration of the EYES board and the RYES (Russian young endocrinologists society)

Following the established tradition, at the EYES meeting young scientists from around Europe had a chance to present their works in any endocrine-related field in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, yet international and professional.  However the 4th EYES meeting in Moscow had quite a few innovations and surprises:

  • An Abstract book was published in a regular Scopus indexed endocrine journal
  • Over 10 traditional sessions of oral presentations including the first poster session and such sessions as pediatric endocrinology and gestational diabetes were also on focus for the first time
  • The participants had a chance to listen to the lectures and meet in person 2 honorable speakers-diabetologists: Professors Arie Nowen and Edward Jude
  • More than that, 2 young, yet already distinguished scientists – Liliya Rostomyan and Maximillian Bielohuby – shared their research ideas and advice for the beginner scientists
  • More sessions – more prizes! The traditional EYES-ESE Award for the best presentation went to Lubov Matchekhina (Russia) and her research “Carbohydrate metabolism in patients with Cushing disease: a glance at the incretin system”, which now will be presented at the EYES symposium in Lisbon! But there were 2 RYES awards this year as well: to the best oral (Mariska Vlot, Netherlands) and poster presentation (Venera Berisha-Muharremi, Kosovo).

We look forward to seeing you all at the 5th EYES Meeting in O’Porto, Portugal, September, 2017.


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